“Chimpanzee” (2012)

One of the ways I relieve the stress  after a long week at work, is to attend a weekend matinee. My local Regal Theatre rewards regular attendance by giving me a coupon for a free movie after x number of ticket purchases.

Today I used my Free ticket to  screen “Chimpanzee” — a Disney nature film that opened yesterday (4/20/21). I heard an interview by the director and Jane Goodal on radio during my Friday  morning commute and I decided then that I would love the tale of the newborn “Oscar” being raised by his Mother and the drama of the Chimpanzee territorial war that costs Oscar’s Mother her life.

Since no Disney movie should ever end on a sad note,  the thrill is watching Oscar, after much rejection by his group, being adopted by the Alpha Male group leader and ultimately be accepted and loved by all of the tribe/family.

Of course knowing what was going to happen didn’t change my enjoyment of the film. I found the film fascinating to watch in spite of the  many tots in the audience talking throughout. 🙂

Some of the children kept asking their parents why the movie was so long; others asked their parents why it was so short; and others felt the need to repeat most of what the film  narrator was saying.

But kids will be kids and I truly enjoyed my time at this screening.  If you are a parent take your young child, if you are a boomer take you grand child,  or if you just want  to see a heart-warming animal drama take yourself to see “Chimpanzee!”

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